Smart Communications at Sea

The smartest solution at sea is a comprehensive one. smart@sea by Station711 is your complete commercial, operational and personal communication products and services bundle. Ensure the productivity, operations and morale of your vessel, staff and crew through seamless secure communication while reducing your costs.


smart@sea by Station711 introduces a smart way of operating, creating a tailored solution for your budget and vessel requirements. This unique, onboard communications solution provides all commercial, operational and personal communication needs through a single unified platform.

The comprehensive nature of the solution enables seamless communication, smooth operations, flawless security and cost reduction as a result of traffic optimization.




*1U rack option is also available.

Key Features

The smart@sea by Station711 modules optimize, secure and reduce the costs of all vessel communications.

  • Communication optimization
    On-the-fly traffic compression and network acceleration: gaining up to 400% virtual bandwidth.
  • Secure Network
    Network, gateway, web and mail state of the art security.
  • Cost reduction
    On-the-fly optimization of satellite link: implementing smart access control and filtering unnecessary communication.
  • Flexibility
    Flexible pre-paid crew data services for all online uses.

Technical Specifications

  • Unified platform
  • Full connectivity to vessel LAN, PCs and Terminals
  • Acceleration & Compression
  • Firewalls Routing
  • Network Management & Monitoring
  • Advanced Mail Server



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