Your Optimized Browsing & Facebook Chat Solution

Provide on board PC internet access with Facebook Chat,
while reducing web traffic by up to 90%


Through smart compression and optimized browsing, MobyLink enables users to browse from any Windows PC, to any website, and enjoy a satisfactory user experience, while web traffic is reduced by up to 90% and all standard browsing security measures are met.
MobyLink also includes an optimized Facebook Chat, which provides access to the chat while blocking the high bandwidth consumption of the feed page. The optimized chat also  reduces photo download size by up to 90% and prevents photos from being sent without specific user authorization. In doing so, MobyLink dramatically reducing web traffic and costs.

Key Features

  • Browsing optimization – Support web browsing from any Windows PC, while reducing web traffic by up to 90%.
  • Secure browsing – Maintain all standard browsing security measures (SSL websites).
  • No browsing limitations – Support browsing to any type of website, including: Flash, Java and HTML5.
  • Optimized Facebook Chat – Provide access to Facebook Chat without the heavy Facebook Feed, reduce photo download size by up to 90%, and restrict photo upload.
  • Simple, cost effective solution – Easy to operate and save money.
    Improved crew welfare and enhance productivity – Address your crew’s personal communication needs and provide them with greater communication options.



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