Fleet Media

Your On-board Entertainment Center
Offer your crew the best entertainment through a large library of movies, TV programs and news & sports broadcasts, to be viewed anytime, anywhere and on any device


Fleet Media is an innovative maritime entertainment solution that brings the latest movies, the most popular TV programs, and the most up-to-date sports events and news broadcasts to your ship, with a video on-demand user experience. Hundreds of hours of content can be viewed on any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone (iOS or Android), anytime, anywhere.

The programming, that is updated as often as daily, is hosted on an on-ship server and streamed to end-user devices, to be viewed through a user friendly interface on any web-browser or the FleetMedia App.

Fleet Media is a turn-key solution, simple to integrate with existing IT infrastructure and systems, and is a subscription based service with no additional data charges. This complete entertainment solution requires low cost shipboard equipment – the Fleet Media Playback Server, easy to install and deploy, and operates on FleetBroadband (FB), FBX, XpressLink (XL) and Fleet Xpress.

Key Features

  • Improved crew retention – Keep your crew informed and entertained to help boost morale and job satisfaction.
  • Premium content – Make the best and latest films and TV programs available to your crew, including new titles by MGM, Warner Brothers, Miramax, Sony Pictures, HBO, NBC Universal and Sky (at US DVD release).
  • BYOD - Support viewing from any PC, tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android), via user friendly interface (web-browser or App).
  • Global content – Provide multilingual programming with subtitles in all languages offered by the studios.
  • Sky News & Sports – Keep your crew up-to-date with Sky News and Sports broadcasts, up to daily editions 7 days a week, weekly round ups and more.
  • Data prioritization – When over FleetBroadband, enjoy no change in package rate plan, data will not be decremented from data allowance, and will be prioritized as ‘low’ so to not no impact business traffic.




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