FB Multi-voice Service

More Lines to the World While at Sea

A simple and effective solution to the growing need for additional voice lines on FleetBroadband User Terminals. FB Multi-voice Service supports up to nine simultaneous voice calls, allocated between bridge, operation, crew and commercial users according to vessel requirements and delivered with the Inmarsat high quality standard, without increasing voice call rates.


Station711's FleetBroadband Multi-voice solution allows up to nine simultaneous calls to be made through a single terminal. It is integrated into Inmarsat’s core network and delivers outstanding voice quality.

Standard FleetBroadband Multi-voice provides three additional lines for users of all FleetBroadband terminals, allowing a total of four simultaneous voice calls.

Enhanced FleetBroadband Multi-voice supports up to nine simultaneous voice calls and is available on FB250 and FB500 terminals.

The FB Multi-voice service is flexible and can be implemented according to vessel requirements, while maintaining your current voice call rates. Get the advantage of tailored voice line allocation between bridge, operation, crew and commercial users allowing your crew to make personal calls in greater privacy using pre-paid cards and ensuring essential communications on the bridge are not disrupted.

Crewtalk integrated solution

Station711's  Crewtalk, a unique and comprehensive onboard voice gateway can now be integrated with the FleetBroadband Multivoice service, allowing up to 9 voice calls to be made simultaneously through a single terminal.

Your onboard voice gateway can now support up to 9 voice lines simultaneously on Your PBX as well as an integrated crew prepaid solution

Key Features

  • Up to nine simultaneous voice calls
  • High quality
  • Separate crew personal calls from operational communications
  • Easy to integrate
  • Does not increase call rates
  • Complete service coverage
  • Add up to nine simultaneous voice lines with FleetBroadband

Technical Specifications


  • Up to 4 voice lines simultaneously
  • Supports all FleetBroadband terminals (FB150, FB250 and FB500)


  • Up to 9 voice lines simultaneously

Supports FB250 FB500 terminals


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