Your Smart-Phone at Sea

Oceana800 provides for all of your voice call needs at sea! Giving you all the technical advancements that landline telephones and mobile phones have gotten you used to, even in the middle of the ocean.


Oceana 800 is an all-in-one IP54 maritime communications terminal specifically designed to enable simple yet technologically advanced voice calls and text messaging for a wide variety of marine applications.

Oceana 800 enables connection of up to 5 standard corded/cordless phones using standard connectors (RJ11/POTS) and cables (up to 600m/2,000 feet) and can be easily integrated into a PBX system.

Enjoy a private or handsfree speakerphone call, standard dial, ring & busy tones, SMS capabilities, stored contacts, auto/speed dial, an integrated Bluetooth and a USB port for data access,  as well as advanced maritime critical features such as a built in GPS engine providing intelligent tracking and instant message or location reporting via SMS.

Key Features

  • SMS, Voice, Data services
  • Connect up to 5 standard telephone handsets
  • Integrates easily to PABX system
  • Tracking and Instant Messaging features - location message upon pressing a button
  • SOS Emergency Calling
  • Easy dialing - phonebook/contacts, auto-dial and speed dials available

Technical Specifications

  • Standard connectors (RJ11/POTS) and cables (up to 600m/2,000 feet)
  • Wall or desk mounting options with a securing lock bolt
  • Integrated antenna connections
  • Power - 10–32V DC Input, 110/240V AC plug pack (included)
  • Speakerphone / Active Privacy Handset
  • Colour LCD screen


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