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Your Live Video Broadcasting Solution

BGAN Media Solution is your live video broadcasting solution from any remote location. Get constant, simultaneous, quality voice and broadband data capabilities through a single, compact device on a global basis. Perfect for any news team, large or small, any media budget, anywhere in the world.


BGAN Media Solution provides affordable, mobile broadband services at varying speeds, as well as a quality voice connection, all in a highly compact and lightweight, easy to use package on a global basis. A perfect solution for any broadcaster, however big or small, that wants to broadcast live from remote locations.

Streaming rates range from low-cost/mid-range options that make live broadcasting from remote locations more accessible to smaller broadcasters, affiliates and freelancers, to the premium BGAN X-Stream™, which supports superior picture quality. BGAN X-Stream offers the fastest on-demand streaming rates in the world of mobile satellite communications, and is deployed by leading broadcast networks worldwide.

This end-to-end solution allow broadcasters to tailor connectivity requirements, priorities and budgets, creating their perfect package that is fully integrated with their existing IT infrastructure and can be setup in under five minutes.

Key Features

  • On solution for simultaneous voice and broadband data
  • Highly compact - Easily carried in a backpack and doesn’t draw attention to media
  • Flexible – Data rates, pricing, connectivity and compatibility
  • Easy to use - Quick and easy to set up and shut down
  • Reliable - Robust terminals and capacity redirecting capabilities to ensure bandwidth availability
  • Competitively priced - Keeping capital expenditure and operational costs to a minimum

IP Streaming Data Rates

Guaranteed and on-demand to meet a wide range of live video requirements and budgets. The full range of BGAN IP streaming rates is 32kbps to more than 384kbps:

  • BGAN X-Stream for rates in excess of 384kbps, when picture quality is your top priority
  • 256kbps for high quality images and some movement
  • 176kbps for talking heads or shots with relatively low levels of movement
  • Lower streaming rates available for live audio broadcasting


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