Logon Board

Remote Control your MSS Networks

Work, support and stream data to and from any of your remote devices,
wherever they may be located.


Logon Board is an easy-to-use remote control software that helps you manage and control your remote devices at anytime and from anywhere, regardless of your physical location. Logon Board lets you offer faster more efficient support and remote help desk services to your network and customers, and manage and control any number of remote devices.

With Logon Board, you are your network’s super admin and can securely and easily alleviate end-user downtime by providing instant remote support. Logon Board allows you to view the screen of any remote device and use your own computer to control it, while chatting with the local operator. You can also browse through drivers, downloading and sending files and folders from and to the device, using the simple Drag'n'Drop feature.

In order to control your data consumption, and maintain a cost efficient MSS network, Logon Board allows you to select from three compression levels - maximum, normal and minimum.

Key Features

  • Remote Desktop Control - Displays the desktop of the remote device on a local screen.
  • File Transfer - Supports Drag’n'Drop, file transfer queue and multiple simultaneous transfer connections.
  • Full Drive Access - Enables moving, renaming, deleting and executing files and folders on remote device.
  • Show My Desktop - Share files or desktop with multiple remote users.
  • Integrated Chat - Provides simple communication between local and remote device operator.
  • Firewall Friendly - No settings change required.
  • Screen Scaling - Displays remote screens inside a window or in full screen mode, with smooth scaling and original aspect ratio.
  • SaaS - Runs as a service and automatically starts with Windows.
  • User Groups and User Level Hierarchy - Configure groups, user access and admins.
  • Controlled Data Consumption - Select from three compression rates.
  • No installation. No access codes. No IPs



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