Your High Data Rate Video Broadcasting Solution

BGAN HDR is the High Data Rate (HDR) video broadcasting solution that is once more revolutionizing newsgathering. This new high-speed, ultra-portable BGAN terminal significantly improves live streaming capabilities and video quality.


BGAN HDR provides streaming rates that set a new standard in live TV broadcasting. High Data Rate (HDR) for on-demand streaming, significantly improve streaming capabilities, making BGAN HDR the perfect solution for any live broadcaster from any remote locations.

BGAN HDR guarantees a minimum throughput bandwidth of 580 kbps, averaging between 600 and 700 kbps, and reaching as high as 800 kbps, enabling superior video quality. This extraordinary streaming rate can be doubled by bonding two terminals together, enabling a connection speed of over 1 mbps, the fastest on-demand streaming rates in the world of mobile satellite communications.

Being the world's smallest and lightest Class 1 BGAN terminal, the BGAN HDR is ultra-portable, can be easily carried and does not draw attention to the media team. The terminal can be setup in less than five minutes and the clear, large LED display makes it simple to control. The BGAN HDR enables easy access from all devices and the built-in SIP server makes it possible to use any smart phone to make calls over BGAN.

Key Features

  • High Data Rate for on-demand streaming – Significantly improving live streaming capabilities
  • Supports superior video quality
  • Ultra-portable – The world's smallest and lightest Class 1 BGAN terminal
  • Easy to use – Quick and easy to set up, with a simple control and access from all devices
  • A dependable back-up solution to cellular failover

High Data Rates

BGAN HDR supports a portfolio of four new streaming rates:

  • Streaming IP HDR Half Channel/64k
  • Streaming IP HDR Half Channel Symmetric - Minimum speed: 280 kbps, normal range: 350-400 kbps
  • Streaming IP HDR Full Channel/64k - Full Channel uplink to the network from the terminal and 64k downlink.
  • Streaming IP HDR Full Channel Symmetric - Minimum speed: 580 kbps, normal range: 600-800 kbps
  • Bonding - Connect two compliant terminals for double speed
    (>1 Mbps QoS)



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