Tracking Portal

Keep Track of Your Assets Worldwide

Track and monitor your satellite devices through a simple web-based platform.


Station711’s Tracking Portal is an advanced tool for tracking & monitoring your globally distributed assets through their satellite devices. Simply and with no software installation required, this map-based, dynamic online system allows you to monitor vessels, entire fleets, aircrafts, vehicles, M2M and any other MSS device worldwide, based on GPS updates and satellite transmissions. For more accurate geo-positioning, the portal also integrates AIS transponder position reports.

The displayed information includes the users' path, current location, emergency alerts, basic information and message history. The positioning maps include various input layers such as satellite coverage, weather, clouds, traffic information, pirate attacks and more. The portal also sends e-mail and SMS alerts regarding arrivals, departures and other events, and can be configured to alert when a user has entered or left a specified area.

Key Features

  • Easy to manage
    Web-based management console | E-mail & SMS alerts |Detailed history | Group management
  • Easy to use
    Simple map display | Automatic position reports | Emergency notifications
  • Cost-effective
    Optimizes routing | Reduces fuel costs | Improves fleet safety | No significant impact on airtime costs


Supported hardware

  • Vessel AIS transponder
  • Inmarsat FleetBroadband
  • Inmarsat BGAN
  • Inmarsat Isatphone Pro
  • Inmarsat Oceana 800
  • Inmarsat IsatData Pro
  • Inmarsat Furuno mini-C
  • Iridium 9575 Extreme
  • Iridium Shout Nano
  • BEAM Iridium Iritrack RST 430
  • BEAM Iridium Leotrack RST470/480
  • BEAM Iridium 9555 potsdock
  • Iridium blue oceanographic drifters
  • Inmarsat and Iridium custom proprietary - snow sensors, trucks, military vehicles, marine buoys, dynamic anchor systems
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