Your MSS Management & Control Toolset

Take advantage of our expertise and expand your portfolio without the initial investment.
Station711's DPlatforms solution allows you - Inmarsat distribution partners, VNOs and service providers, to offer your customers a more complete service package with DPlatforms advanced co-branded management & control toolset.


Virtual Network Operator Services

Station711's DPlatforms provide a full range of customized management & control tools for Inmarsat 3rd & 4th generation services. Simple web-based administration interfaces allow Virtual Network Operator (VNO), service providers, customers and end-users comprehensive and dynamic self management solutions tailored to their specifications and requirements.

DPlatforms toolset includes financial management tools providing credit risk limitations, email notification alerts etc, and end-user management tools providing firewall settings, email black & white lists, and much more.

Tools and Services

  • Provisioning - Manage your SIM cards activation and service restrictions.
  • Spending Control - Receive notifications regarding SIM card balance.
  • Usage Control - Set Daily, Weekly or Monthly usage limitations.
    Custom Package - Allocate data, voice, streaming and SMS services per level or user.
  • Hierarchy Access Level - Manage all accounts and SIM cards under one platform and provide your customers and their subscribers limited access to their accounts.
  • Billing - View and monitor reseller, company or subscriber bills - detailed or summarized. Different pricing can be set for each level.
  • Firewall Settings - Configure your own set of firewall rules.
    URL Black & White List - Block or allow sites filtered according to URL comparison.
  • Email Black & White List - Block or allow emails filtered according to address, domain or massage size.
  • Monitor Online Terminal Traffic - Monitor and manage real-time data connections.
  • Pre-Paid Services Management - Manage crew card balance.
  • Customized Web-Based Solutions - Manage and monitor all satellite communications, and enable your customers to do the same with limited access.


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