Your Complete Crew Welfare Solution

Provide your crew with the most advanced communication tools and the ultimate user experience; in a platform that is also simpler and more cost effective for you to manage


An all-in-one maritime communication solution, Crew Spot combines the entire range of crew welfare solutions into a single comprehensive platform. This platform acts as a central on-ship portal and allows you to provide your crew with the broadest communication options, accessible through an easy-to-use interface. Crew Spot lets users know the price of their online activities in advance, allowing them to choose and constantly change their browsing mode, and ensuring a more informed and therefore more satisfactory online experience.

By providing a solution that is easy to install and maintain, equipped with advanced management tools, smart and efficient bandwidth management, and a wide variety of simple payment options; Crew Spot supports and simplifies all on-board communication operations and reduces operational overhead.





Key Features

  • Improved crew welfare – Enable complete internet connectivity, including: web browsing, emails, voice or VoIP calls, SMS, chat, Facebook and more.
  • BYOD – Support personal device, including: laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Smart compression and data optimization – Enhance efficacy & cost effectiveness.
  • Informed browsing – Allow users to select browsing modes and control the image quality and compression, while knowing the cost in advance.
  • Smart emailing – Provide an insightful emailing tool that shows the price before sending and receiving emails.
  • Online vouchers – Provide hassle-free online payment options and reduce operational overhead.
  • Network management tools – Track network behavior to prioritize and rout data accordingly.
  • Online shop – Sell services, products and giveaway gifts through an additional sales channel.


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