Crew Café

Your Crew’s Internet Café

Setup, configure, personalize and manage your network,
and provide your crew and passengers with Hotspot internet access for any device.


Station711’s new Crew Café solution enables you to provide your crew and passengers with Hotspot internet access, tailored to your ship or fleet. Crew Café makes it easy for you to provide this service, and for your crew and passengers to enjoy it.

On your end, Crew Café allows you to configure and personalize your Hotspot, determine price plans and restrictions, generate accounts, remotely manage all Hotspot activity, and get real time statistics and reports, all through a simple and intuitive interface.

On the user end, Crew Café does not require any client installation, and enables access from any devices, operating system and browser. The users simply log into the Hotspot from their own devices, to enjoy free, prepaid or pay-upon-entry internet access, according to a pre-defined price plan, bandwidth allocation and usage restrictions. As a centralized solution, Crew Café allows users to move between vessels with a single internet access account across the entire fleet.

Key Features

  • Set up your network, configure, set price plans and personalize your Hotspot.
  • Easily create highly flexible user accounts and customize properties.
  • Get real-time statistics and usage reports, apply user segmentation and export data for further use.
  • Manage your network, allocate bandwidth, set limitations and manage multiple Hotspot locations through a single database.
  • Enforce network restrictions including whitelists and blacklists (of users, devices and websites), filter URLs services (ports) and prevent customers from sharing accounts.
  • Give your users the simplest internet access, from any device (BYOD), with no client software installations, a single account they can use across the entire fleet and e-mail notifications to stay up-to-date.




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