Crew Calling

Your Prepaid Connection Home While at Sea

Raise morale during long periods at sea by giving your crew the ability to make low cost voice calls to family and friends whenever they want, wherever they are.

A happy crew is a productive crew, put the focus on crew welfare!


Crew Calling is a complete solution for prepaid communication services, allowing your crew to use a single prepay card for all Inmarsat maritime services and enjoy special low rates.

FB ESQT (Enhanced Super Quiet Time)
This FleetBroadband prepaid service allows crew members to enjoy low-cost, prepaid calls to family and friends around-the-clock and all year round.

B, mini-m, and Fleet SQT (Super Quiet Time)
This established service offers reduced-cost voice calls from B, mini M and Fleet (33, 55 and 77) terminals, enabling low-cost prepaid calls from all ocean regions at all times!

Key Features

  • Low rates
  • Around-the-clock
  • Complete service coverage
  • A single prepay card for all Inmarsat maritime communication services

Hardware Requirements

Crew Calling is available on Fleet, Mini M and Inmarsat B, as well as all FleetBroadband terminals - FB500, FB250 and FB150.

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