Station711 VAS Solutions

April 29, 2015

A complete range of customized tools to help you improve performance and productivity

By utilizing Station711’s range of comprehensive and dynamic self-management solutions,Virtual Network Operator (VNO), service providers, customers and end-users can enjoy advanced and intuitive operation and crew welfare tools that improve performance and enhance productivity.

These fully tailored, professional monitoring and analysis tools,provide operations & IT with more control over financial and end-user activities, allowing for more efficient management and decision-making. The web-based administration interfaces enable shipping companies to centralize their professional support efforts and provide remote IT management, saving both time and money.

The completely personalized crew welfare solutions ensure the wellbeing of crew members through flexible communication packages. Companies can improve their recruitment package by offering pre-paid or free access to the internet, voice calls, email, access to social networks, and even digital content such as films, TV programs, sport and news; all without interrupting operational communications and without exceeding budgets.
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