FleetBroadband Package Rate Plans Update - February 2016

November 11, 2015

Inmarsat Maritime has announced new pricing plans and price changes for the FleetBroadband services.
The changes to the FB Rate Plans will be effective from February 1st, 2016.
Below is a summary of the main changes.

Standard Plan
Small subscription fee increase countered by allowance increase (20MB->25MB)
Decrease in-bundle rate. Increase out-of-bundle rate.

New Plans and Plans Closure
Introduction of new 75MB plan and 1GB plan
Closure of existing 4GB, 8GB and 12 GB plans to new activations and replaced with new GB options
New 4GB and 8GB plan with higher out of bundle rate
Introduction of new higher allowance plans 20Gb and 40Gb targeting higher volume users
FB Link opened up to all FleetBroadband customers (previously only available for Enterprise Energy)
Closure of Small Vessel Plan to new activations
New Pricing Plan which now have differential in/out bundle allowance MB rate

Updated FleetBroadband pricing will be distributed in the next few weeks.
For further information required, please contact your Station711 representative