Inmarsat Legacy services closure dates reminder

May 15, 2015

This is a reminder to customers that end of life is now approaching for Enterprise Land GAN and Enterprise Land Mini-M on 30 June 2015. AT this time the terminals assosiated with the retried services are deactivated on the network and the services are no longer available to customers.

Inmarsat have decided to keep GAN and Mini-M services open for government customers with specific Crypto and other operational requirements, using GAN and Mini-M.
EOL dates for the retired services are scheduled for:

                                             Service Name                                          EOL

                                      Enterprise Land Gan                             30 June 2015
                                   Enterprise Land Mini-M                           30 June 2015

                                         Other Markets                                          EOL

                                      Government Land Gan                      30 December 2016
                                   Government Land Mini-M                    30 December 2016
                                      Maritime Land Mini-M                       30 December 2016
                                            Aero Mini-M                                  30 December 2016


Recommended replacement Service for Enterprise Land GAN - BGAN, BGAN HDR (specifically for media sector) or BGAN Link. Recommended replacement Service for Enterprise Mini-M - IsatPhone portfolio or IsatHub.

For further information, please contact your Station711 representative.