FleetBroadband Subscription Suspension

January 13, 2014

A new option to suspend the subscription (“Subscription Suspension”) for a number of the FleetBroadband rate plans. This functionality will apply to the rate plans as detailed in below table.

                   Rate Plan  (Monthly Volume)                        FB 200MB            FB 2GB            FB 6GB            FB AYCE

                Monthly Subscription Discount                           50%                    60%                  70%                  75%

                Maximum Length of Suspension
                (In each complete 12 month period)              90 Days               90 Days            90 Days            90 Days

If the Subscription Suspension feature is applied, the Subscription Charge for the applicable rate plan will be discounted during the suspended days. The Subscription Suspension discounts the subscription, and suspends the allowance. During the period of suspension all charges (should there be any) will be out of bundle rates.
Period of suspension
The maximum number of suspension days offered is 90 days.
The suspension days available can be taken in any combination - one or more periods of days up to a total of 90.

During a Suspension the allowance is suspended. It will work as normal Allowance in portions of the month pre and post suspension so that if the SIM is suspended mid-month then the first part of the month will still be able to take advantage of any allowance.
At the end of the suspension period the subscription is automatically unsuspended.

Contract period
During the contract period, i.e. before the contract end date, the number of days the service was suspended for must be added to the end of the contract period;
any new period will not start until that time. This does not apply once the SIM is outside its minimum contract period.
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