Inmarsat C Service Update

August 02, 2013

From October 1st, 2013 Station711 Inmarsat C services will be restricted through the following LES Codes only:

For Coverage in                                                     Choose LES

 Atlantic Ocean Region West (AOR-W)                           002
 Atlantic Ocean Region East (AOR-E)                             102
 Pacific Ocean Region (POR)                                            202
 Indian Ocean Region (IOR)                                            302
Therefore, customer using our C services are required to adjust their C terminals to the those codes.
There will be no price change related to this modification.

The shore-to-ship e-mail services will be available from October 1st only addressed to the Inmarsat-C number as:

Station711 Inmarsat-C User Guide including terminal settings and detailed instructions is available for download.

Please note that after this date users that will choose working with any other codes than these above, might receive invoices from other parities. Station711 will not have any impact on those invoices nor the related increased prices.

Any existing DNID and Reverse Charging configuration will stop working as from October 1st.
Any current users are requested to contact Station711 Support team for further instructions.

For any technical assistance or information required, please don’t hesitate to contact Station711 Support team:

Phone: +972-2-9904555
Fax: +972-2-9995490

For further assistance or information required, please contact your Station711 representative.