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Personalize your network

Set your own price plans –

Decide what to charge (data

transfer, day & time, download or upload), how to charge

(prepaid vouchers or rechargeable accounts) and how much

(fixed or dynamic pricing profiles).

Customized Hotspot –

Create a personalized Hotspot, set a

usage schedule and choose your Hotspot language.

Manage your network

Manage bandwidth and set limitations –

Easily manage

bandwidth consumption using predefined limits.

Manage multiple Hotspot locations –

Connect all

Hotspots to one network and a single database, allowing

users to roam the network and use the various Hotspots.

Create highly flexible user accounts

Easy interface for account generation –

Generate accounts in 3 steps.

Custom properties –

Define user type, level of access, rate

and expiration date. Limit access time and bandwidth.

Get real-time statistics and usage reports

Hotspot statistics and usage –

Get clear input on usage time,

bandwidth and logins, as well as sale reports and graphs of top

users by time and usage.

Manage data –

Sort according to specified time, device or

user and export data for further analytics.

Enforce network restrictions

Whitelists and blacklists –

Enable or block specified

devices, host sites, websites and ports.

Prevent customers from sharing accounts –

Limit accounts to specific devices.

Give your users the simplest

internet access

BYOD with no client software installation –


Hotspot from any device, operating system and browser.

Centralized solution –

Users can move between vessels

using a single account to access the internet, across the

entire fleet.