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Provide your crewwith the ultimate crew

welfare solution

Improved crew welfare –

Enable complete internet

connectivity, including: web browsing, emails, voice or VoIP

calls, SMS, chat (gTalk, Facebook, MSN, ICQ), Facebook access

and more.


Support crew communications via ship computers or

personal device, including: laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Efficient web browsing –

Allow users to select browsing

modes and control the image quality and compression, while

knowing the cost in advance.

Smart emailing –

Provide an insightful emailing tool that

shows the price before sending and receiving emails.

Whitelists and blacklists –

Give users full and dynamic

control over who they communicate with.

Balance dashboard –

Show users all available services

and their status, as well as a detailed data report for each

transaction, and allow them to have full control over their


Enjoy simpler operations, less overhead

and greater efficiency

Varied solution –

Offer different services, applications and

payment plans (including Pay-Per-Use model) to different

kinds of users.

Unique pricing engine –

Get full control over pricing and

data usage, down to a single service.

No vouchers – Provide online payment options and reduce

operational overhead.

Smart compression and data optimization –


efficiency & cost effectiveness.

Network management tools –

Track network behavior to

prioritize and route data accordingly.

Detailed usage reports –

Know exactly what is going on

with your network, from a single crew member, to the service